Bygdens saluhall

Bygdens saluhall is getting media attention

Good ideas deserve to get in the spotlight! We’re proud to see one of our SoPact’ers already getting media attention. Bygdens saluhall is building a virtuell marketplace for local food producers to connect with consumers Läs mer

Launch Party

So the first day finally arrived. The day we have long waited so patiently for. Like kids on the first day of school our SoPact’ers arrived at ProLab. Quickly they went from being only names on a paper, columns in a spreadsheet, and voices over the phone to being warm and passionate people with both the ideas and the determination to make true impact. People that we now have the privilege Läs mer

We’re proud to present our new SoPact’ers

After an intense selection process with 85 applicants for the first round of SoPact we are now proud to present this spring’s SoPact’ers – seven passionate startups ranging in both ideas and backgrounds. A group of people growing ideas that really matter.

Being in the selection process Läs mer

SoPact Acceleration Application Celebration

Post Acceleration Application Celebration

We are getting closer to the big day. In less than two weeks it is time for our accelerator to begin. The application has now closed with 86 (!) applicants. That is amazing. Thank you to everyone who has applied!

Amazing things like that – amazing social entrepreneurs like you – are worth celebrating. Therefore we had our Acceleration Application Celebration.

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SoPact Acceleration Application Celebration

SoPact Acceleration Application Celebration

After last week’s big launch the applications havestarted to roll in, fast. We couldn’t be more excited to get going and most of all to meet the people who will be the center of SoPact, our applicants! Actually, we’re so excited that we can’t wait until April 1. Instead we’re having an Acceleration Application Celebration!

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SoPact – Social Impact Accelerator opening now!

SoPact – Social Impact Accelerator opening now! March 2, 2016/0 Comments/in Accelerator Development /by Peter Løvschall Exciting times lay ahead, as the trend of passionate social entrepreneurs working to address social, cultural and environmental challenges continues to grow. But in the entrepreneurship sphere, most of the advantages and accolades are given to tech startups. SoPact […]