Our method

Through a collaborative design process, SoPact offers a framework for social entrepreneurs and social innovation to develop, test and disseminate solutions to needs-driven societal challenges. The program lasts for ten weeks. These ten weeks include thematic sprints that are supplemented with individual counseling, mentoring and networking.

  • Business development and financing

    We believe that financial sustainability is an important prerequisite for creating long-term changes. As an entrepreneur, you must ensure that you can fund the core business and the development of your organization or social enterprise.

    Since both effects and revenue streams need to be considered when developing a social enterprise, the development process is often complex. At SoPact, we consider it our primary task to support each startup based on individual needs and development within the funding opportunities available.

  • Impact assessment and Agenda 2030

    An important component of the work of a social enterprise is to quantify the social benefits created in the business. A first step is to identify power measures, which can then be used for both internal understanding and external communication about the benefits that their social companies contribute. These metrics can thus be used to measure your impact, communicate with stakeholders and financiers.

    Your local, regional or national work on creating social benefits is part of the international work of the 17 goals for global sustainable development, as defined by the UN.

  • Communication and marketing

    Making an impact as a social entrepreneurs takes more than a great idea. In order to engage stakeholders you must be able to clearly articulate both the big picture (Your vision) as well as your concrete needs. At SoPact, we believe, that good communication starts with “Why”. “Why do you do, what you do?”

    Whether looking for partners, founders or simply volunteers to support your movement, we believe that true long-term engagement is ignited if you are able to create shared beliefs. When having a clear “Why” as a foundation for your social business, we help you break it down to a communication strategy followed by an action plan.