SoPact Graduates - Medvetna Val

What problem are you trying to solve?

We are not trying to solve problems, we create possibilities. Depending on who is using the model, these possibilities change. Through the Intentional Decisions-model we facilitate different ways to view these possibilities and help create an understanding for how they affect what choices we can make.


We see the Intentional Decisions-model as a realistic and effective post-industrial society model. What that means is that people and organizations have for a long time aimed at being the best in the world, but it is becoming more important to be the best FOR the world. This paradigm shift is something that the Intentional Decisions-model can make happen faster and help create awareness about.


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We're hiring: SoPact is looking for a full-time Program Manager.


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Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program open for applications - Ready for take off!

The day we have been waiting for since graduating the first batch of SoPacters in June is finally here. The application has now opened and we are ready to hear about your startup!