Application criteria

  • Who can apply?

    You who today run a limited company (AB), sole trader, a non-profit association, a foundation or an economic association with the main purpose of creating social benefits, can apply to the accelerator program.

  • Ambition and engagement

    Your participation in the program requires ambition and dedication to work focused on developing your business. We want you to have formulated goals and vision for the organisation that we can work on during the course of the program.

  • System change and scalability

    Your idea or organisation should have the potential to create system change by:

    • Creating and spread positive social effects that now or in the future could benefit many people
    • Changing the way in which people, organisations, societies think about how to deal with common social problems
    • Including users as well as customers and other recipients in defining societal needs and verifying possible solutions
    • Operating (or intend to operate) in cooperation between relevant needs-owners / relevant partners for financial as well as social sustainability and generalizability
    • Has a long-term perspective and a duration that goes beyond a project-level.
  • The 17 global goals for sustainable development

    Your organisation works locally or globally with at least one of the 17 global sustainability goals defined in Agenda 2030 and is developed by the UN.

  • Weekly participation

    As a participant in the program, you should be able to attend the three inspiring introduction days in Helsingborg, 24th to 26th of September. After that, you should be attending in Helsingborg every week as we have our knowledge sprints.

  • Organisation number

    As a participant in the program, you should have a business with a registered organisation number. We focus primarily on organisations registered in Skåne.

  • Decisive rights

    As a participant in the program, you must be the signatory of the organisation you represent, or have the signature of the company signatory that you have the right to represent the organisation.

  • Language

    As a participant in the program, you must be proficient in Swedish or English in both speech and writing.