Accelerator Program

We’re happy and proud to present SoPact Accelerator Program #6 for social entrepreneurs. Throughout the 10-week long program, you will besides the weekly sprints, also have a weekly session with Accelerator Manager Emelie Dahlström or Program Manager Joakim Grina or Business Developer Jan Abrahamsson.

Three introduction days

Our program starts with three intensive and exciting introduction days. During three days, opportunity will be given to getting to know the other participating entrepreneurs as well as getting an introduction to the tools and methods we use to accelerate your business during the program. Another objective of these introduction days is for you to define your needs and challenges in order to make a roadmap for the coming month.

Part #1: Business Development – creating a financial sustainable organisation

In the beginning of the program, we will focus on the business development of your organisation. How do you see yourself becoming financial sustainable in the long term, and how do you validate that the revenue streams will be there to support you? SoPact will help you validate your assumptions by helping you locate and engage with relevant people and organizations.

The path to validation may vary depending on your business model. We have worked with organisations providing products and services to the public sector, business-to-business or business-to-consumer as well as working with making a positive impact in society in partnership with businesses.

Part #2: Making impact

In the second module of SoPact, we will focus on your impact. Clarifying what problem you are working to solve, who is your audience and what steps are needed to bring about change. Our sessions you will be introduced to tools to quantify your impact with numbers as well as mapping your impact to the United Nations’ 17 Sustainable Development Goals.

Complex societal challenges require new methods, working methods, forms of cooperation and solutions. The municipality of Helsingborg, which is one of the partners in SoPact, wants to be part of and create the conditions for these new solutions. Therefore, they open up to entrepreneurs with ideas that meet challenges identified by the city, to test and develop these ideas. During the program, SoPact will facilitate meetings with various administrations and development projects in the city of Helsingborg, as well as researchers and students at Lund University, Campus Helsingborg.

Part #3: Communication

Mastering communication is important to any social business – both to get your message across internally when scaling your own organisation and also to engage with external stakeholders. As a social business, your audience is may be very diverse ranging from volunteers, beneficiaries, private and public funders and paying customers.

During the program, we will work with defining, why you do what you do, that is, the motivation behind your work. Based on this, we will then develop an individual communication strategy.

Impact Day

During the program, you will meet with entrepreneurs from the previous programs. We finish the program with SoPact Impact Day, where you will have your opportunity to present your social business for potential partners, customers and investors.