SoPact Graduates - Medvetna Val

What problem are you trying to solve?

We are not trying to solve problems, we create possibilities. Depending on who is using the model, these possibilities change. Through the Intentional Decisions-model we facilitate different ways to view these possibilities and help create an understanding for how they affect what choices we can make.


We see the Intentional Decisions-model as a realistic and effective post-industrial society model. What that means is that people and organizations have for a long time aimed at being the best in the world, but it is becoming more important to be the best FOR the world. This paradigm shift is something that the Intentional Decisions-model can make happen faster and help create awareness about.


How are you going to solve this?

With the Intentional Decisions-model we present possibilities for problem-solving. How you choose to use these possibilities is up to you, but by using the model you will either see possibilities or be able to solve problems with it.


What has SoPact helped you with?

With finding context. We have a model that is able to present the best-for-the-world paradigm shift and facilitate it, but SoPact helped us with placing it in a social context. We are for example able to explain the phenomenon that is Donald Trump and how we in the future can work to avoid these types of phenomena.


We see the Intentional Decisions-model as a model to base organizations upon, as an inner core for any type of organization or project. It enables the creation of these organization and projects by creating awareness about the model, and they collectively create an “outer core” that speed up the move towards the best-for-the-world paradigm. What SoPact has helped us with is to build an organization around this inner core, an organization that is able to take the next step and build the “outer core” of organizations and projects.


Why did you become a social entrepreneur?

I think I have been a social entrepreneur without knowing it. I am a joiner, interested in human encounters and to take responsibility, through which I have founded several joint ventures and businesses of my own the last 10 year. I came to the insight that the future is not something that we need to equip ourselves to handle, but something we create for our children, and this notion is what I have based my organizations on. I’ve been lead by the thought of “why earn money when you can do good?”, but also “why not earn money AND do good?”. Based on this, I found it interesting to connect NGO’s and associations with the business community and the philosophy of giving.


What advice would you give other social entrepreneurs?

Ask for help! There are many that want to help, but people are not asking for it so they are never given the opportunity to help.


How can I as a reader engage in what you do?

We are going to shape the organization this fall, and if you would like to help us do that you are very welcome to. The main idea is that the organization needs to be build in such a way that it is able to scale quickly. We have already written a book about the model and we are currently working on creating an e-course and english open-source chapters of the book, with which we welcome all help we can get. If you want to help us bring Intentional Decision to other cultures you are more than welcome to do so.
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