Först ut i vår serie “Rutiner och inspiration i tider av Corona” är Parul Ghosh. Parul är en av de social innovatörer som ingår i Sopacts behovsdrivna lärprocess. Vanligtvis utgår hon från Mindpark i Helsingborg där hon bl a arbetar tillsammans med Charbel Tawk och Faisal AlbinaliPeers Bridge som arbetar med integration utifrån kulturella apsekter.

Your name and company.
Parul Ghosh, Peers Bridge

What do your work routines look like right now?
They fluctuate every week. My first week was very productive (I would say over-productive), and the next week it declined. I wake up and sleep at the same time as usual and I like to get ready in the morning, change my clothes so that I can switch to work mode. Although I find it tough to decide when I should stop working for example one day I realized it was 8 pm and I was still on my computer.

What is the biggest difference to how you usually work?
Human contact. I read a very interesting thing today about how video calls can actually exhaust you more than face to face meetings. For us, everything is different. We are now trying something we’ve never done but to me that is also quite exciting.

What is your biggest challenge?
To not be guilty about not achieving something. Or being productive all the time.

Anything you learned about yourself?
Yes, that I actually do like my own company ?

Your best tips for a good working day?
Get ready in the morning before you begin working. Take short breaks to stretch.

A good new social initiative you want to tip us about?
I’ve been following a lot of of stuff happening in the city and this link covers many of those – www.h22.se/together

Tips on inspiration (pod, book, streaming…)
I’ve been reading a lot of Indian fiction, but an interesting film to watch which really makes you think about humanity, capitalism, morality etc is ’The Platform’ (It’s quite graphic and can be violent – so here is a fair warning). Would love some podcast recommendations from others!