SoPact Graduates - OIKOS Hub

What problem are you trying to solve?

We are trying to sort out the tangle of actors, i.e government, banks, housing companies, employers, etc. that “attack” vulnerable individuals with their respective agendas.


How are you going to solve this?

We use human logistics, with which we mean that we solve a logistical problem with people and create effective flows through the jungle of actors in order to navigate people to a life in dignity. Through the platform OIKOS Hub, and with help from the digital processing tool Logi-Key, we lead the way to vindication for vulnerable people.

What has SoPact helped you with?

To streamline the business idea and concept to make it more understandable for ordinary people. We also got access to networks, knowledge and a lot of encouragement.


Why did you become a social entrepreneur?

Do you choose to become a social entrepreneur? For me it is rather an impossibility not to become one. As an old innovator and ad man it feels a lot more inspiring to use whatever creative ability I have to try to help people and save the world.


What advice would you give other social entrepreneurs?

If you believe in it, do it! Don’t lose your fire, keep at it and follow your heart.


How can I as a reader engage in what you do?

Open your wallet! Also, please add your competence and experience to the OIKOS Hub team as well as your comments and help us spread the word,


You can contact me through email or phone,

070-667 05 26

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