SoPact Graduates – Xamayca Treatz

What problem are you trying to solve?

I am trying to help people to eat more sustainably and healthy.
How are you going to solve this? What is your idea?

I intend to create healthy vegan/vegetarian fast food options which are both sustainable and Jamaican inspired.

What has SoPact helped you with?

It has helped me with identifying the social impact within my business model!


Why did you become a social entrepreneur?

We became social entrepreneurs as like every social entrepreneur we wanted to make a difference … not only in the way that people eat but to contribute to environmental sustainability. Additionally, coming from immigrant backgrounds we wanted to create a workplace that was welcoming to all immigrants regardless of their language proficiency and experience. We wanted to be a home for those newly arrived immigrants to get their first start in the Swedish labor market.


What advice would you give other social entrepreneurs?

I would give them the same advice that was given to me: focus on the impact that you want to make as that is key to attracting the help you will need to get your goals accomplished. Additionally, to always have an elevator pitch on hand that sums up your business idea.


How can I as a reader engage in what you do?
You can help spread the word about sustainable eating and the benefits of a vegan/vegetarian diet. Additionally, we will be hosting pop-up workshops and restaurant sessions where we illustrate how easy, tasty and deliciously cheap eating sustainably can be. We implore you to follow us and support our events … join in on our conversations!