After spending the day at the Entrepreneurship Fair presenting SoPact, the whole team gathered to welcome our new Sopacters for the first time! Exciting to think this is the beginning of our three-month-journey with an amazing team of social entrepreneurs ready to make the world a better place!

The evening started with time for the SoPacters to meet and get to know each other. From now on they are not only participating to the same program, they are also a real team of change makers. It is important for us that SoPacters know they are in a secure environment. Therefore, the first weeks of the program are dedicated to SoPacters getting to know each other and defining their needs.

Since these three months are intense, they immediately started working that night with their first presentation video recorded by Miguel, our new video editor. Those videos will be compare at the end of the program in order to see clearly the improvements our SoPacters will make.

We had delicious food, everyone enjoyed the great authentic Mexican salsa offered by Mr. Bigotes, and we were surrounded by good people – an excellent way to spend an evening, our first together but not our last!

Stay tuned!









Photos by Amanda Westin