With just over a week left of the application time for the fall batch of SoPacters, we decided to open up ProLab for everyone with questions. About their application, the accelerator program, or just social entrepreneurship. Though the amount of participants weren’t the best we’ve had (could we blame the beautiful summer weather maybe?) the discussions and new connections made were at least close!

As always we love seeing the community around social entrepreneurship grow stronger and bigger. Getting to know people who could help our future SoPacters take their ideas to the next level is something we find very important.

If you missed the event but still have questions. Feel free to contact us, we’d love to help you out! And don’t forget to apply for the fall edition of this social impact accelerator.

More information about the application as well as the accelerator is to be found here, where you can also find our contact information.

Good luck!

sopact-jeremy sopact-peter sopact-qa

Photos by Amanda Westin.