Launch Party

So the first day finally arrived. The day we have long waited so patiently for. Like kids on the first day of school our SoPact’ers arrived at ProLab. Quickly they went from being only names on a paper, columns in a spreadsheet, and voices over the phone to being warm and passionate people with both the ideas and the determination to make true impact. People that we now have the privilege to get to know and see grow over the next three months. Safe to say that Friday was a good day.

We were super excited, of course, and apart from getting the chance to present the program and get to know our new friends, we had a little surprise in store. We wanted to face the startups with the challenge they will face so many times. The challenge of a good pitch. With videos documenting their presentation the first day we now look forward to compare it with a final presentation in June.

Then finally, it was time for a toast celebrating the start of a new community. We look forward to see what acceleration is possible in three months. Exciting things lay ahead. Stay tuned to get to know our seven startups!


Photos by Amanda Westin