After last week’s big launch the applications havestarted to roll in, fast. We couldn’t be more excited to get going and most of all to meet the people who will be the center of SoPact, our applicants! Actually, we’re so excited that we can’t wait until April 1. Instead we’re having an Acceleration Application Celebration!

As the application closes on March 16 we’ll meet up at ProLab, the home of SoPact to get to know each other and get a first taste of what SoPact is about. However, the main focus is on the applicants.

During the evening they will get a chance to voice their needs of the program. How would a dream accelerator look? The program is well on its way but as a startup organization agility is our way of working. Hence, still plenty of room for improvements and new ideas.

So please, join us on March 16 for some food, a few drinks and a night filled with creative and passionate conversations about what we love most. RSVP in our event on Facebook, you find it here.

And if you haven’t applied for the accelerator already, here is the link to the application. You don’t want to miss this!