Let's talk Sustainability & Social Entrepreneurship

Since we at SoPact together with our SoPacters are all working toward a more sustainable world, Läs mer

Presenting the startups - STELLA ROBOTICS

Starting at the base of every societal startup. What problem are you trying to solve?

We are facing a demographic challenge in our society. The age group 80 + is estimated to increase by 30% between the years 2014-2024 and already today there is a huge lack of resources. Health care and home care services will be gradually moved out to the resident’s home and many elderly will need to stay in their homes longer. Our solution is intended to support the elderly in their homes and at the same time help strengthen the home care system. Läs mer

Presenting the startups - INGA INGENJÖR

Starting at the base of every societal startup. What problem are you trying to solve?

There is a gap when it comes to gender and social background among engineering students in Sweden. Diversity among engineers is important for the tech industry and helps innovation. Therefore, we need to increase diversity among engineering students. In addition, we will need more engineers here in Sweden the upcoming years. Läs mer

Presenting the startups - CUBE.

Starting at the base of every societal startup. What problem are you trying to solve?

The Problem at the base of our project is the gap between European citizens, especially the Youth and the EU institutions. This gap however, is a consequence of the little knowledge Europeans have about European politics, the complex and often unavailable channels of citizen participation in the EU and the political consequences of the demographic change. Active citizen participation at the EU level is mainly conditioned by high education, geographic closeness to Brussels and other European capitals and a financial background allowing for travels, time and inspiration to take part. Läs mer

Meet our SoPacters in Action

It was finally time for the public to meet our SoPacters in the prestigious Universitetshuset of Lund University.

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Welcome night

After spending the day at the Entrepreneurship Fair presenting SoPact, the whole team gathered to welcome our new Sopacters for the first time! Exciting to think this is the beginning of our three-month-journey with an amazing team of social entrepreneurs ready to make the world a better place! Läs mer

The new SoPacters have arrived!

After review of applications, emails, phone calls, and interviews, the SoPact team have selected nine passionate startups to be part of the second batch of the Social Impact accelerator! A group of people growing ideas that really matter. Läs mer

SoPact's first event of the season

With just over a week left of the application time for the fall batch of SoPacters, we decided to open up ProLab for everyone with questions. About their application, the accelerator program, or just social entrepreneurship. Läs mer

Social Entrepreneurship Accelerator Program open for applications - Ready for take off!

The day we have been waiting for since graduating the first batch of SoPacters in June is finally here. The application has now opened and we are ready to hear about your startup!