We’re thrilled that you want to apply to our accelerator program for social entrepreneurs at Open Space in Helsingborg!

You apply by filling out the application form that soon will be found below. Before writing your application, please read our criteria. The next program will start in March 2018 and you can submit your application until January 31, 2018. Selection is based upon the criteria in combination with a belief in you, your organisation and idea. After the application deadline, we will get back to you. A selection of those who meet the criteria will be booked for an interview.

During the application process, you may receive additional questions that we need an answer to. For example, this could be in regards to you your level of ambition based on your idea and the opportunity to attend a site in Helsingborg every week. In each program, 7-10 entrepreneurs participate and we strive to have a wide range and diversity both among the participants and among the social issues addressed.

Societal challenges seeking solutions

SoPact works close to the administrations that are represented in the project’s steering group. These are Social Administration, School and Recreation Administration, Care and Welfare Management and City Management. Together with SoPact, these administrations have defined a number of societal challenges where it would be particularly interesting to bring in possible solutions from the accelerator program’s social entrepreneurs. The identified social challenges are:

  •   Digital exclusion among the elderly and disabled.
  •   Personal and competence management of digital skills in healthcare, school and leisure and social services.
  •   Socially sustainable housing solutions linked to homelessness, recruitment of family homes and management of unaccompanied children and newly-arrived families.

SoPact also encourages those applicants who can contribute to Vision 2035 and Helsingborg as the creative, vibrant, common, global and balanced city for people and businesses.

Welcome with your application!