About us

Complex societal challenges require new collaborations, and ways to think and operate. This is why SoPact was founded, an accelerator for social entrepreneurs and social innovation. The accelerator is targeting entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs in the private, public and non-profit sectors that address social, cultural or environmental challenges. The program seeks to inspire, support and strengthen effective system-changing entrepreneurs and innovations over twelve weeks. The accelerator program is completely free, operating from Think Open Space in Helsingborg.

SoPact is a collaborative project funded by Lund University, Socialhögskolan at Helsingborg, Helsingborg City and the Swedish Agency for Growth. This means that we work close to the administrations represented in the project’s steering group, these are Social Administration, School and Recreation, Care and Welfare and Administration and City Management.

SoPact works to contribute to Vision 2035 about Helsingborg as the creative, vibrant, common, global and balanced city for people and businesses. We also collaborate with researchers and students at Socialhögskolan, which is, among other things, behind the successful research and development project Bostad först. Social innovation can be run under the auspices of a limited company (AB), non-profit association, foundation, economic association and public sector, often in collaboration. We welcome applicants in all different forms of organisations!