Recap of SoPact AP #3

After three intense months filled with development, networking and pitching, the third SoPact accelerator program has now come to an end.

We have had the pleasure of getting to know a bunch of amazing people with great ideas – ranging all the way from free and accessible education to sustainable Jamaican fast food. Read more


Minister for Financial Markets Per Bolund visited SoPact at Socialhögskolan.

Sustainable innovations, meeting social entrepreneurs and a presentation of the accelerator program SoPact was on the agenda when Per Bolund (Swedish Green Party), Minister for Financial Markets and Consumer Affairs, visited Socialhögskolan at the beginning of February. During the visit the minister also discussed creative new solutions to societal challenges in the future. Read more


Forms of organization

Social startups aren’t always quite like other startups. But that’s no news to you. In SoPact, one big question to figure out for a few of the SoPact’ers is the one about company form, or rather forms of organization. A question where the usual answer hasn’t been the right one for some of them.

A few weeks ago we therefor brought in Coompanion and the Center for Public Entrepreneurship Read more

Kate Hammer

How to Make a Dent in the World

What do you need to have the next great conversation?

Moving into this week, we also moved into what we like to call Meet the Market May. The month where the focus is on meeting people, validating ideas, and talking to potential stakeholders. To put emphasis on this step we brought in two truly amazing advisors: Kate Hammer and Camille Duran.

With two full days with the SoPact’ers Read more