Accelerator Program #2

Inga Ingenjör


We are using the power of storytelling to reach all kids in Sweden aged 5-9 years old and  introduce science, tech and engineering in a very appealing way.

Stella Robotics


We develop a digital communication platform for relatives and caregivers in contact with elderly people.


We provide a digital educational toolkit to organize workshops, gather policy ideas, function as a platform for European youth organizations and lobby for the voice of young Europeans.


We give individuals and organizations an opportunity to make money and donors get rid of their cans and bottles, while at the same time contributing to a more environmentally friendly Sweden.



We identifies solar energy projects in Brazil, and turn them into business opportunities for investors in Northern Europe.

Ento Foder

We  grows insects on food waste and biogas waste into a sustainable animal feeding and fertiliser.


They move demolition threatened houses to new locations where they can be reused by new owners.

Sweden Virtual Reality

We organize interaction events and contests to stimulate Sweden’s VR development toward Sustainability


They design and create organic clothing for baby and kids, producing in their workshop in northern Albania.

Accelerator Program #1

Bygdens saluhall

We are a member driven local food service that is letting producers sell directly to consumers with zero revenue loss.


Developing services in electronics – such as reparations, workshops and Do-It-Yourself courses – to individuals, schools, and companies to make sure that electronics that could work with minor repairs don’t get thrown away, all done in a fun and financially stable way.

Malmö Lokalvaluta

Through the means of a community currency and a strong local network, we want to create a strong economic, social and environmentally sustainable city and a local community that connects people, business and municipality.


PlanM is developing smart mobility solutions to help real estate owners to be sustainable, equal and site efficient with change management and physical measures.


Founded in September 2015 and based in Southern Sweden, weAdventure is an online marketplace for people to list, discover, and book exciting outdoor adventures around the world — online or from a mobile phone or tablet.


Whatif we see what’s working instead of what’s not. Whatif we bring hope by telling & sharing constructive news & stories. Whatif – a new media platform – is doing just that.