Applications will be selected based upon the following criteria


SoPact defines “Social Startup” in a very broad sense. The swedish word “Samhällsentreprenör” really covers who we aim to accept in the program. Most important: You must have an objective other than just making a profit. It could be working with environmental or societal issues, gender equality, cultural integration, education, disaster relief, health etc.

Also, we consider the scalability of your impact. How many people can you potentially effect with your startup etc.


We believe, that in order to make a true long-term impact, a viable plan for revenue streams must be created. In other words: If you can’t pay the bills, your startup won’t be able to continue in the long run.


We believe that the capacity and commitment of the team is most essential to achieve the vision. Showing a track record of executed jobs, projects, startups, events etc – successful or failed – with personal reflections is prefered. We believe that we live in a complex world where deep knowledge is essential to make change.

That said – we also believe that dedication and commitment can move mountains. Please do challenge us with your application even if you don’t have years of experience. If you don’t have it – show us your plan to get it.

FAQ – frequently asked questions

Please find the Frequently asked questions about the Accelerator.
If you have additional questions, please contact Peter at or give him a call at +46 72 527 1984

Who can apply for the SoPact Accelerator?

All startups working with Social Innovation can apply for SoPact 2.0. We would like to see applications from “Startups” in a very broad sense. Meaning:

  • Entrepreneurial individuals working to launch an idea
  • Existing startups
  • Individuals working on a social venture with a non-profit angle

Seasoned entrepreneurs as well as fresh out of school are welcome.

Due to the funding structure of SoPact 2.0, startups based in the region of Skåne will have special preferences.

How many companies will attend the Accelerator?

We expect to accept between 7 and 10 startups.

How do you define Social startup?

SoPact 2.0 use social startup in a very broad sense.

What is important to us is that you are working to solving social, cultural or environmental needs in society rather than solely to obtain economic gain

Can I participate in the accelerator in my spare time?

We generally prefer you to be present during business hours when enrolled in the SoPact Accelerator.

Does SoPact take equity in the startups participating and how much does it cost?

SoPact doesn’t take any equity and it’s free of charge.