Join SoPact for a 3-month acceleration program that will change the course of your startup and perhaps even your life. Our aim is to make sure your venture has a much better chance of succeeding by the end of the program, ready to scale your positive impact and be better prepared to take the next steps in your entrepreneurial journey.

Create a well defined MVP, build a stronger team, shore up support with vital stakeholders and partners, validate your product and market assumptions and start getting ready to attract funding. You should be ready to raise your first funding round 6-9 months after having successfully gone through the SoPact accelerator.

Applicants will receive:

  • Extensive program and bootcamp

    that will accelerate your venture from all avenues, for example impact measurement, stakeholder validation, communications, sales and financing. At the bootcamp we mutually determine what specific needs you have so that program delivers maximum value for your startup.

  • Mentoring

     from the experienced team at SoPact and via our extensive international network of mentors and advisors. All of our mentors are uniquely equipped to offer advice that are tailored to the challenges facing the social entrepreneur, challenges that “regular” entrepreneurs don’t have to contend with.

  • Tools and models

     to help you get ahead, for example with impact measurement via world leading business intelligence firm Qlik. We also help you sort out the specifics around legal docs like shareholder agreements etc.

  • Access to networks

     that SoPact, its advisors and alumni possess which extends beyond Swedish borders to the global social entrepreneurship scene.

  • Social events and Impact Day

     – we do weekly catch up talks on Fridays, occasionally visited by a guest from the startup world where you present what you have achieved week by week and practice your pitch. Work out the kinks, demo your product or service, perfect the business plan and get instant feedback. This leads up to the final part of the program where you at Impact Day present in front of a wide array of stakeholders, for example media, other startups, incubators and accelerators, possible partners and customers and early stage funders.

  • Continued support

     – after successfully completing the SoPact program we are still here for you, helping you take the next steps in the ecosystem via introductions to incubators or accelerators, suitable competitions and potential partners, alumni etc. Once you become a SoPacter you are automatically an Alumni and can help us become better as a movement and help future SoPacters.

  • Free office space

    – At the entrepreneur Hub Think Open Space Mindpark so you can work from an inspiring atmosphere with other entrepreneurs, learn from each other, form vital connections for the future and have access to meeting rooms, fast wifi etc. Our offices are right by the central station in beautiful Helsingborg with easy access by train, bus, car and boat to the rest of Skåne and Denmark. The Öresund region is a dynamic and fast growing region, known for its entrepreneurial track record.

All of this for free! No fees no equity stake!