At SoPact we believe that solutions to the grand challenges of the world can be found within the entrepreneurial scene. Weather dealing with health, demographic change, wellbeing, inclusiveness, sustainability, energy and climate etc., a bottom-up approach to innovate and grow new ideas is crucial.

SoPact is an accelerator for entrepreneurs and organisations working to solve social, cultural or environmental needs rather than solely to obtain economic gain. We believe that common business principles are effective in bringing about long-term positive impact and at the same time creating a financially sustainable venture.


SoPact 2.0 is a project funded by the Tillväxtverket (European Union), Lund University and Helsingborg Stad designed to utilise a high growth startup accelerator model with ventures that address a social, cultural or environmental need, and need help to become financially sustainable.

SoPact 2.0 is build upon years of experience and network by the team behind the LU Open Social Innovation Center (LUSIC).

Project Name: Accelerator för sociala innovationer SoPact 2.0
Additional partners: Ideon Innovation, Normative
Project runtime: 2016 – 2018
Committed deliverable: Training 42 Skåne based social startups.